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Mother Earth loves Tubtrugs®

September 17, 2013

Mother Earth loves Tubtrugs®

Mother Earth Living, the authority on green lifestyle and design, featured Tubtrugs® as an essential gardening tool for a self-sufficient home.

"For carrying anything from compost to pulled weeds, I love lightweight, flexible Tubtrugs®, which never get lost in the garden because of their bright colors. You can even carry water in them, and they clean up fast, too." — Barbara Pleasant

We may be biased, but we couldn't agree more with Barbara. Although, we'll have to let her know that Tubtrugs® are great out of the garden too. Use Tubtrugs® as a laundry basket, a serving container to hold ice and beverages, a tool box (tub), a feeding dish for animals...the uses are endless!