Giving Dandelions a Chance

This weekend my Facebook feed was full of dandelions for some reason. 

Did you know that dandelion is an amazing food and medicine? I grew up thinking that dandelions are bad and should be slain so I was surprised to learn that dandelions are one of the most nutritious plants around. Dandelion has been used for centuries as a food and as a medicine to treat anemia, eczema, psoriasis, blood disorders, and depression.

Dandelions contain high amounts of Vitamin A and C, fiber, potassium, iron, calcium, magnesium, zinc, and phosphorus. They are rich in trace minerals, Vitamin K and Vitamin D too. They have more protein than spinach!  There are numerous studies that say all sorts of great things about dandelions, that dandelions help fight Cancer, support the kidneys, help the immune system...........the lists go on and on.  You can see more here:

Well, I decided to give it a try.  I am a mediocre chef so I decided to go "raw".  Luckily I am a mediocre keeper of lawns as well as I had lots of dandelions to harvest!  First I gathered the dandelions in my Red Gorilla colander. This product is food grade! 

 gathering dandelions to wash

Next I inserted the colander into a RG tub full of water to wash off the dandelions.

rinsing dandelions

While my husband was rolling his eyes at me harder than the time I made Burdock root soup, my sidekick Hattie was also shooting me a dubious look as I carried my greens to the kitchen.

As it was breakfast time, I cooked my favorite meal, eggs over easy with cheese, tomatoes and salsa, garnished this time with dandelions instead of spinach!  I have to say that I liked the slightly bitter taste.  I could even go sans salsa next time!  I for sure will use dandelion leaves in my sandwiches instead of spinach from now on.  Anyone have good recipes for the dandelion flowers?

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