About Us


Trubtugs, trogtubs, tribtops, rugtubs…we’ve heard ‘em all. But there is a story behind the name Tubtrug®.

After developing the beloved two-handled flexible tub in 1997, we didn’t know what to call it! And how do you sell a product without a name?

Everyone knows what a "tub" is, and our super-flexible, ultra-durable use-it-for-everything container obviously fit that description. However, our tub was more than just a "tub", so we left it to our milkman, Bigfinger. Yep, you read that right.

Bigfinger (called that because his hands are like a bunch of bananas) made a delivery as we were wrestling with this naming conundrum and gave us the word "trug". A trug is a shallow basket made of slats of wood used in England gardens. With a little glue and elbow-grease we fit the two words together, and viola! — Tubtrugs®!

A lot has change since our humble beginnings in 1997, but the name and quality has remained. Tubtrugs® are now sold on 6 continents (our apologies if you live in Antarctica, perhaps you can have a loved one send you one).

Tubtrugs® have been copied too many times to count, but always prevail without because we care enough to continue to make the best two-handled, super-flexible, ultra-durable tub on the planet. And we will not rest in our efforts until every man, woman and child on the planet has hold of one. Tubtrugs®—Use Them For Everything!


Stephen Faulks
Co-Founder and Tubtruggery Grand Master




Based in Leicestershire (that's in the U.K. for you Yanks), Faulks and Company is at the cutting edge of global consumer trends. "Always Quality" is the company philosophy that permeates through retail distribution channels to the end user, who is after all our "Ultimate Employer".

Faulks and Company have a fabulous range of flexible containers which are by-words for quality and style. International brands, Tubtrugs®, Gorilla Brooms® and Tyre Rubber Products—and our aim is to expand and develop our product range and constantly improve our service by listening to your needs.